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Year 1 WOW - Chicks

Tuesday 27th February 2024

Year 1 followed the journey of some fertilised eggs and watched them hatch into wonderful chicks.

Each Year 1 class had their own incubator and brooding box to take care of the eggs and chicks. Each day, they cleaned and fed them. They even got them out to pet!

In Science, they learnt about the life cycle of a chicken, thinking about the importance of each stage. Then, in Writing, they created a poster about ‘How to look after chickens’ putting together all of their learning from Science. They also explored why animals need to reproduce, matching animals and their offspring together.

It was an amazing experience to have these wonderful creatures in their classroom. The chicks have now gone to live out the rest of their lives in their new homes.

Year 1 WOW - Chicks