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A Brief introduction

At Chantry Primary Academy we recognise the importance of delivering a rich and engaging curriculum. A curriculum which promotes the development of both the health, and well-being of the children within our care. As such, teachers and sports coaches plan and teach a variety of engaging lessons which meet the needs of both the Primary National Curriculum (2013) and Early Years Foundations Stage documentation.

Within the last year the Government has pledged over £450 million on improving Physical Education (PE.) Currently this will continue from September 2013 to 2016 and then beyond depending on the elected Government.  Schools are allocated the funding by calculating the number of pupils in Years 1 to 6, and those aged 5 in Reception, as recorded in January 2013, once this is calculated schools receive £8,000 plus £5 per eligible pupil (DFE Website 2014).

Whilst there are many ways to spend our allocated £10,000, Chantry Primary Academy will be spending the money to support not just the teaching and learning of our children today, but also create a sporting legacy. As a result of this, the money is in the process of being spent strategically.

Currently Chantry Primary Academy using the Sports Premium funding by:

 Promoting healthy lifestyles (Indicator 1)

  • Raising the profile of PE across the school (Indicator 2)
  • Increasing the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in the teaching of PE and sport (Indicator 3)
  • Offering an ever-widening range of sports and activities to pupils (Indicator 4
  • Increased participation in competitive sport (Indicator 5)

Building upon our Current Success

Whilst the sports premium money is aiding our school in developing the opportunities for our learning community, Chantry Primary Academy is, and always has been committed to sport. This is reflected in our current practice across the school. We currently participate actively with our School Games Team and network with schools across our borough to encourage competition within a range of sports. Furthermore our PE planning demonstrates an emerging commitment to competitions within our own community. This can be highlighted best by our recent qualification for the School Games Gold Award. (Look out for it at the bottom of our Newsletters) In addition to our exciting and diverse curriculum, Chantry Primary Academy is committed to extending opportunities within sport during its extracurricular clubs.  Sports premium funding is being used to support these types of clubs and monitored participation rates reflect an improving amount of children accessing extra sport.

The way we spend our Sports Premium is attached. 

PE and Sport Premium Action Plan 2015-2016

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2015-2016

PE and Sport Premium Action Plan 2016-2017

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2016-2017

PE and Sport Premium Action Plan 2017-2018

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2017-2018

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2018-2019

PE and Sport Premium Action Plan 2020-2021