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Student Leadership

Our Year 6 House and Vice Captains

At Chantry we encourage the children to take on leadership roles in school. We believe children who are involved develop their confidence, leadership skills and ability to communicate with adults and their peers. They represent the pupil community and are ambassadors for our school.

The experience of application, presentation and interview replicates the adult world and the behaviours that the children demonstrate through their various roles prepare them for the world of work. 

Children could represent their class through being a School Council member or a Wellbeing Mentor. We have  Assembly Monitors and Mini Midday Supervisors who work alongside staff and support their peers.

In Year 6 the children have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious role of House or Vice House Captain. 

Some positions are elected through speeches, debates and a democratic voting system.  Other positions require an application from the children and a rigorous recruitment process.

Key Stage 2 Assembly monitors