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Sunday 24th September 2017

A group of excited Key Stage 2 pupils took to the water today when they had the fantastic opportunity to head to Caldecotte Lakes to try their hand at sailing! 

We had beautiful weather with a great amount of wind that allowed the children to whizz their way around the lakes with ease. 

After an initial introduction to the basics of sailing (how to use the sail, how to use the rudder and how to turn and steer accurately), the children were put into small groups and allowed to hop into their boats to explore the lake. Once on the water, they also played lots of fun games (and thankfully, no-one got too wet!).  At the end of the session, as the children were so superbly well-behaved, they also had the chance to have a quick go on the power boats and loved the exhilarating feeling of zooming across the lakes at top speed.

An excellent day that was enjoyed 100% by everyone who took part!