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Reception - Standalone Farm

Wednesday 13th March 2019

The children in Reception travelled to Standalone Farm in Letchworth on Wednesday. This linked to their current topic on growing. On arrival the children dropped off their packed lunches in the barn before heading off around the farm to see the animals. The children saw some geese near the pond and a turkey who was strutting around the cage. We then headed into a barn where the cows were. One of the cows had recently given birth to a calf who was 3 days old when we were there. There was also another calf who was 2 weeks old. Next we went to see some pigs and a sow had recently given birth to 8 piglets. The children enjoyed watching the mother feeding her piglets. After that we went to the barn where the sheep were and we were lucky to see a lamb who had been born the previous day.

We headed back to the barn for lunch and a sit down. After that we headed off to a park area where the children had lots of fun on the apparatus and burning off some energy. We then had a hands on session where the children were able to see and touch a rabbit and guinea pig up close. They enjoyed stroking the small animals. The other group were able to groom a Shetland pony too. We then walked around the farm to see lots of other animals such as donkeys, alpacas, goats and more pigs. Soon it was time to head back to the coach to return to school. I think everyone including the adults had a great time and slept well that night!