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Visual Impairment Provision

Chantry Primary Academy has the only primary Visual Impairment Provision in Luton. The provision is entirely inclusive and is extremely popular with parents, due to the high levels of specialist resources and support children access, to enhance their educational experience.

There are 16 allocated places for pupils to be supported by the team. All provision places are allocated by the Local Authority through review of application by the Special Provision Allocation Group (SPAG). Children require a visual acuity level of 6/12 or worse and they require an active Educational Health Care Plan.

All pupils are taught in mainstream classes alongside their peers and are supported in lessons by Specialist Learning Support Assistants or a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairment.

Meet the VI Team

The VI staff team have a vast range of experience within the field of visual impairment.  Specialist staff include:



Mrs Collings – VI Provision Manager and SENCo,  Braille Tutor, Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired (QTVI) & Manager of VI Outreach Services, supporting visually impaired children from birth to 11 years old in Luton.

  • Miss Allan - VI Outreach Assistant for the Under 4's and VI LSA Training/Induction Specialist
  • Mrs Carmody - VI LSA Technology and Literacy Specialist
  • In addition, we have a team of class-based experienced VI Learning Support Assistants supporting the children each day to learn touch typing, work on EHCP targets and use VI specific adaptations to the work set in class.   

Specialist Resources

The provision has a wide range of specialist equipment and resources as well as experienced teaching support for your child. 

Our experienced team uses a range of technology to ensure that children’s learning needs are met.  This may include the use of personal equipment such as ‘Braille Note’, audio recording devices and iPads, or specialist resource making tools such as a ‘hot-spot’ which can make flat images into raised 3D images, or a braille printer to create printed work from children’s computer work.

                      One of our Braille students using an electronic braille note to record his ideas. The Kindle is used for the teachers and staff to read in print what Haaris is brailling                                   One of our Braille students using an electronic braille note to record his ideas. The Kindle is used for the teachers and staff to read in print what Haaris is brailling

Some of the children use large tabletop magnifiers that allow them access to texts and the teacher's board simultaneously. The photos demonstrate a tabletop magnifier in use with one of our VI pupils.

We have a book-based curriculum in school, so the VI specialist staff enlarge texts, convert to braille or verbally share work with pupils to make it accessible in class. Younger children may also make use of hot-spot images to make sense of a text.

We have story boxes to help our pupils connect physical objects of reference to the stories they are reading or hearing.

Specialist Activities


During their time at Chantry, pupils have the opportunity to participate in life skills sessions and mobility training to ensure that they have all the knowledge and skills needed to be as independent as possible. 

The children get together regularly to take part in team building and self-esteem-boosting activities with their visually impaired peers and are fabulous advocates for themselves because of this.

Special Events and Activities


We make every effort to arrange transport and staffing so that children within the VI Provision can attend trips, visits, clubs and activities alongside their mainstream classmates. In addition, we look out for special opportunities specifically designed for visually impaired children, in the past these have included gardening, additional swimming sessions, theatre trips, train journeys, visits to working farms, sensory outreach sessions for babies - 3 years old, goalball club, tactile educational visits and sports activities in conjunction with external sports providers. We currently offer horse riding to some of our VI children and are looking forward to more adventures this year.

VI News - Look at some of the brilliant WOW activities we have been doing!

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Feedback & Reviews

VI Provision Audit against the Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (CFVI)
This piece of work was completed to evaluate how the Visual Impairment Provision at Chantry is ensuring that the 11 areas of learning are being met; as defined by the Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment (CFVI).

Here is some feedback from the families of our VI provision pupils when asked, would you recommend the VI provision to other parents who have visually impaired children?

Yes, because my children made progress with VI support. My son was shy, he was scared to ask anything from an adult but with support, he became confident and is independent now.

Definitely. This is now our second child going through this provision and I couldn’t thank the team enough for their support both academically and emotionally with them both.

I would 100% recommend this VI provision. My child feels loved and wanted. He has a sense of belonging while he is at school. This is the most assuring thing to know that while he is away from me he is being looked after.

Yes definitely. The VI support is absolutely vital for all children with visual impairment as it gives them the much-needed support and tools to manage daily tasks in a challenging environment. The emotional and personal support is priceless and must continue.

Absolutely yes. Such a person is indispensable for taking the first steps with our children in school. They give support and the presence that the child is not alone. The parent can also be calm because they know that the child is in the best hands. I can't imagine my child not having support from VI Provision.

Yes definitely. We feel the provision has really helped her progress, we have seen a big improvement in her in the last year and can’t wait to see her develop more. Thank you


Useful sites for home use

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