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Year 4 Cadbury WOW trip!

Thursday 2nd March 

Year 4 have had a fantastic day out at Cadbury World. Receiving 4 bars of chocolate EACH was the perfect way to begin our adventure! We all explored through the Aztec jungle to find out where chocolate begins its journey before venturing into Bull Street, Birmingham, where John Cadbury spoke to us about opening his business, selling tea at first.

We then had a sensory experience learning about the process chocolate goes through before it hits our tummies. Thoroughly excited, we travelled, by Cadbury car, through Beanville and then it was on to... tasting!!

We were each given a pot of thick, melted chocolate, which we added our choice of two toppings, before scoffing the lot! Our day got even better when we got to experience a 4D chocolate adventure, leaving us all screaming after a rollercoaster ride. We ended our day, burning off all that energy, in the factory's very own playground! Definitely, an unforgettable experience had by all!