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  • Thursday 20th April 2023 Year 2 WOW Day - Whipsnade Zoo
  • Tuesday 28th March 2023 Bedford Indoor VI Sports Festival The VI Provision children and staff had a marvellous day out at the Bedford Indoor VI Sports Festival this week. They all took part in athletics, football, Goalball and more during the VI-friendly sports day. It was amazing to see them all joining in and modelling the values of health, enthusiasm and teamwork!
  • Wednesday 8th March 2023 VI - The Inclusive Farm Visit It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Mike and Ness from The Inclusive Farm this morning.
  • Thursday 23rd February 2023 After-School Goalball Success!
  • Wednesday 22nd February 2023 Year 2 WOW Day - Teaching Talons In year 2 this week, as part of our science about animals and their habitats, we have been lucky enough to have a visit from 'Teaching Talons'. They had a fantastic selection of animals to share. We were able to stroke and hold them making sure that we sat quietly and still, so we did not scare them. Amongst the creatures we met Two Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches called Hissy and Elliot, two Tropical Tortoises called Sixpence and Strawberry, Norbert the bearded dragon, two South American guineapigs called Mertal and Radish, two very active ferrets and last but by no means least, Chip the dog! The day was packed win fun and interesting facts! The children were very sensible as always and they are now ready and filled with knowledge ready for our next lesson!
  • Friday 10th February 2023 Year 2 - Fantastic Finish, Pizzeria Enterprise In year 2, as part of our design and technology sessions, the children have been designing and creating delicious pizzas for our Pizzeria Enterprise. They started by making the dough and then adding toppings of their own choice based on a tasting exercise of healthy ingredients in a previous lesson. The children took them home to bake and enjoy!
  • Monday 30th January 2023 Great Fire of London Parent Showcase This week we had our 'Great Fire of London' showcase to celebrate our history unit of learning. The children had built some amazing houses to recreate a street in 1666. As the fire took hold, the houses began to burn and the children experienced what it must have been like all those years ago.
  • Tuesday 17th January 2023 VI - Goalball UK Stephen from Goalball UK came to Chantry today to show a group of lucky pupils what Goalball is all about. The children needed to use their sense of hearing and touch to try to roll a ball to score a goal and stop their opponent’s ball from breaking through. They were all brilliant! For more information on this brilliant sport please see this link https://goalballuk.com/
  • Wednesday 11th January 2023 VI - A trip to the Post Office This morning three of our older VI provision pupils walked to the local post office to experience posting something using the articles for the blind service. This opportunity helped the pupils to develop life skills such as practicing road safety, using their voices to get support and underpins the value of responsibility. They all felt very grown up.’
  • Thursday 15th December 2022 VI Christmas Tactile Morning This morning we had a lovely tactile Christmas session with all of our pupils and staff. We made tactile Christmas trees, decorated biscuits, created tree decorations and listened to a musical Christmas story. We finished off with a round of Jingle Bells, with our own special Christmas bells!
  • Wednesday 7th December 2022 VI Trip - Visual Impairment provision at Cardinal Newman Today 6 of our VI provision pupils got the chance to see the high school VI provision at Cardinal Newman High School in Luton. We were all so excited to meet the staff and pupils there and we were even more excited to see some familiar faces of the pupils that used to be at Chantry VI Provision with us! We used the special kitchen and the talking scales to make Rudolph rice crispy cakes and iced biscuits and then we relaxed in the sensory room. We explored slime, kinetic sand and met the two land snails that live in the provision. We loved meeting Mrs Martin who runs the VI provision and does the same job as Mrs Collings, but with high school and college pupils.
  • Thursday 24th November 2022 Year 2 - Green Watch Fire Service Visit This week, Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Green Watch Fire Service.
  • Friday 4th November 2022 VIP trip to the Circus Starr A group of our VI provision children attended a smashing circus trip after school at the Herts Showground. There were acrobats, stunt men and women and a very cheeky clown!
  • Tuesday 1st November 2022 Year 2 WOW - The Great Fire of London To begin our learning about The Great Fire the children had a visit from History Off the Page to help them understand what it was like to be a Londoner from this period of time. The children took part in lots of fun and interesting activities including; bread making, weaving, creating perfumes and medicines, candle making and even how to deal with rats during the plague!
  • Friday 21st October 2022 Year 2 - Pakistan Day To finish off our first term unit of learning, Year Two celebrated with a Pakistan Day. The children were dressed in green and white and authentic Pakistani clothes to celebrate their learning about Malala Yousafzai and Pakistan. They tried lots of tasty Pakistani foods and even built their own kite from start to finish. Just like the Pakistan Basant Festival!
  • Monday 26th September 2022 VI - Horse Riding Superstars! Five of our VI provision pupils started horse riding this week. They were very brave and rode the horses in the indoor paddock and learnt about how to care for a horse too. Horse riding brings out the children’s Chantry values, such as courage, empathy, aspiration, love, respect and many more.
  • Friday 16th September 2022 Welcoming Alexa to our VI provision Friday 16th September 2022
  • Friday 16th September 2022 South Lake Aqua Park A group of older pupils had a wonderful time this afternoon, attending a very energetic inflatable session at South Lake Aqua Park in St. Neots! Donning their wetsuits and buoyancy aids, the pupils took to the water whilst jumping, crawling, climbing and splashing through the plethora of obstacles on offer! There were certainly some daredevils on show throughout the afternoon, jumping and back-flipping into the water and showing off their aquatic abilities!
  • Wednesday 14th September 2022 Green Team visited by BBC 3CR We were thrilled to learn recently that our amazing Green Team have been shortlisted for a BBC Three Counties "People's Choice" award! The children have been nominated under the' Environment' category and their nomination is testament to the amazingly hard work the children have put in over the last 2 years to help improve their town. Today, Toby from BBC 3CR visited to talk to some of the children and film them doing a little tidy-up around school.
  • Wednesday 7th September 2022 Year 3 VR experience Today, Year 3 were transported to the Amazonian rainforests when they took part in a fantastic virtual reality workshop! The session was an amazing way to kickstart the children's learning on their new book, 'The Vanishing Rainforest,' enabling the story to really be brought to life. Children learnt about the animals, habitats and plants that exist in the rainforests and asked lots of intriguing questions about things they'd like to learn next.
  • Tuesday 6th September 2022 VI - great to be back! It is so great to have the children back this week, with lots of exciting and fun activities taking place. So far today there have been virtual reality experiences using VR headsets in Year 3 and scooters and playdough creations in reception and best of all, lots of smiley faces.
  • Wednesday 20th July 2022 VI - Splashtastic Day A 'splashtastic' day out was had by the children and staff of the VI Provision at Dunstable Splash Park on Wednesday 20th July. The children showed their Chantry Values, sharing, playing and laughing together. This was a sensory celebration to end a fabulous year of learning and growing together!
  • Tuesday 19th July 2022 VI - Mozart Tuesday 19th July 2022
  • Wednesday 22nd June 2022 VI - Lego House Some of our VI pupils access occupational therapy-style activities with their supporting adult. This is to help develop their fine motor and finger control skills, which will, in turn, improve their hand-eye coordination, hand-writing and touch typing skills. One of our pupils made this brilliant model in her session today and had fun pushing the bricks together and making them click into place.
  • Wednesday 8th June 2022 VI - Braille and Tactile Books Today we have been exploring a new set of braille and tactile books made by a local Bedfordshire family, the Wards. They have a son who has a visual impairment and wanted more books to be available for children with visual impairments to connect with and relate to.
  • Tuesday 7th June 2022 Year 2 WOW - Titanic workshop Today year 2 was lucky enough to have a visit from Freshwater Theatre Company to begin their unit of work about The Great Titanic. The workshop was led by a facilitator who was in the character of many roles involved in the disaster, helping the children to transport and explore back in time. The children explored history through drama activities and learnt all about the great disaster of The Titanic and the important people involved. They had a fantastic time and are now keen to learn lots more about this historic event!
  • Thursday 26th May 2022 Reception Fantastic Finish - Woodside Animal Farm On 25th May 2022, Reception took their first trip and had their fantastic finish at Woodside Animal farm! Our topic this half term was ‘Amazing Animals’, which we have been learning lots about.
  • Thursday 21st April 2022 Year 2 WOW - Teaching Talons In Year 2 today, as part of our science about animals and their habitats, we have been lucky enough to have a visit from 'Teaching Talons'. They had a fantastic selection of animals to share. We were able to stroke and hold them making sure that we sat quietly and still so we did not scare them. Amongst the creatures we met were an African Bullfrog called Jeremiah, who enjoyed eating worms, and a magnificent Southern White-Faced owl called Pigwidgeon. The children were very sensible and learnt lots of new facts ready for our next lesson!
  • Friday 25th March 2022 What a Day for an Adventure! In the baking sunshine, nine of our pupils travelled to take part in some Adventure Games. This was the first time Luton had organised an event like this, so we did not know what to expect! What we were greeted with was 2 hours of fun-packed activities including archery, nerf gun battles and team quizzes.
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