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Google Virtual Reality Day

Thursday 19th January 2017

Today, children from Years 2-6 had an amazing time when they were visited by Aisha from the Google team, who brought along sets of virtual reality software (called Google Expeditions) that allowed teachers to take their children on amazing adventures! From the Great Barrier Reef to a Caribbean shipwreck, journeying inside the human body or venturing inside Son Doong, the world's largest cave, the children had a truly memorable experience!

 First thing in the morning, the teachers gathered to learn how to use the equipment correctly, ready for the exciting 'expeditions' they would take their classes on later in the day. The teachers were looking forward to taking the children on 'journeys' to really bring learning alive and immerse the children in a 360 degree environment to capture their imaginations and teach in a fantastically innovative way.

 So throughout the day, class after class had their sessions, each one lasting around 20 minutes. Key Stage 2 were also able to use the headsets to really make them feel they were part of the expedition. Teachers would direct the children to different focal points to look at before then teaching them all about that particular area. Regular 'rest-breaks' were provided every 2-3 minutes also, so as not to tire out anyone's eyes (and also to calm the increasingly excited children!). 

 Throughout the day, the list of expeditions carried out was amazing! Year 2 went to the Borneo Rainforest to learn about adaptation, Year 3 journeyed into the human body to learn about the heart and circulatory system, Year 4 visited the world's largest recycling plant as well as going to explore the underwater Caribbean, Year 5 travelled to Son Doong Cave and Yosemite National Park and Year 6 saw a shipwreck near the Great Barrier Reef! And all the while, teachers were able to guide the children to important features, teaching lots of fascinating facts!

The day was an overwhelming success and it was wonderful to see all the children so fascinated by this unique way of learning!