Our Value for this Half-Term is INDEPENDENCE

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Chantry Primary Academy

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Chantry TV

Mason (Nightingale class) Skeleton at the door

Aleighsia and Elena "Sloths and Rhinos = Besties"  Nobel Class




Yousef Jenna class



Khalib (The classics) Kampala Class 



Connor (Tokyo Class)



Kimarley (Nobel Class)

 Ethan (Athens) Class  (The Chase)

 Dylon's master peace "oogie boogie man the Movie"

 George (Pac Man time)

 Kimarley (Jenner Class)

 Callum (Tokyo Class)





Allessandro (New York)


Michael (Bendy's Adventure) (Marconi)


Logan (New Horizons)



Callum (Tokyo) Up to Space


Jackson (Marconi) based on a true story. Queen Elizabeth 


Ryan (Tokyo) "The attack of the Crocodile"


Wayne (Brisbane) "B greens 2-1 D Reds "

Ihonour (New horizons) "Pokemon Kindness"


Ryan (Discus) "Rescue Mission"


Wayne (Brisbane) "Police chase"

 Ahmed (Nobel) "Ambulance rescue"

Anas (NH) "The chase"

Barbara from Discus class has made this amazing animation called 'The crazy alien & the cheeky fish'.


DJ from Tokyo class "The rebel attack on the imperial base on Endor"

Chrisharn from Einstein class, has made this animation called "A day in the life"

Callum from Kampala made this wonderful animation "The Ice cream crash"

Chantry Indoor Surfing 

Lexi from New York class hide and seek cars animation.

Aidan from Marconi class has made a football animation.

James from Einstein class has made a road safety animation.

See the time lapse video of the first chick hatching from our Year 1 Egg Watch Cam.

Lexi from Darwin Class made an amazing video called "while the farmer sleeps"

Ayaan from Marconi class has made a great lego animation called Beach time.

Chrisharn from Marconi class has made an amazing dinosaur chase 

George from Curie class has made an awesome Police chase

Theo has created a fantastic basketball animation

Malakie has made an animation involving a man trying to escape from a crocodile - don't get scared!

DJ from Kampala class has made a Lego animation

Aiden from Jenner class has made a Lego dragster race

Arfat from Curie Class makes a dino disaster!