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Digital Music Class - Year 5 - Summer 2019

Year 5 have Digital Music classes every week with Mr Cowburn. They have been working on Garage Band to create their final piece of music.

Digital Music Club - Summer 2019

Digital Music club have been making some amazing pieces of music this term. Some of the group have started fresh this term and have made an amazing start. We have also had a few members come back and take their music to a new level!

Everything here has been created from scratch by the pupils. Some have even made their music completely independently without any support an adult in the club. Well done!

Jack (Kampala) "8Bit"

Jackson (New York) "Rock star TV"

The Digital Music Club have been making rapid progress this term. They have been creating full tracks and have learnt about structuring of music, as well as building every element of the track - not using pre-recorded loops! Have a listen to their latest creations:


This is a piece of music created by Jack in Kampala using the Korg gadget app. Every note played, that is every drum strike etc, was made individually by Jack. Ten tracks were mixed to make this one amazing piece of music. Making music in this way is a very time consuming and intricate process which took approximately six weeks. This work far exceeds the standard expected of someone Jack’s age!

We are all really proud of what Jack has achieved. It looks like we have a music producer of the future at Chantry.



D.M.C. Final Project - December 2018.

Digital Music Club summer 2018


Digital Music Club creations. See full article here.

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Listen to our Children's creations

Year 5 have been working with Mr Cowburn over the last few months and these are their final projects.