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The need to gain a greater understanding of the key concepts of Science is becoming ever greater in a world which is seeking to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and to manage the changes and challenges to our environment and climate. Moreover, the world is facing unsustainable population growth and rising concerns over health and all of these challenges will not only be our challenges but the future generation’s too. Consequently, it could not be more important to offer high quality and relevant teaching. We do this through our book based and creative curriculum.

Scientific skills are developed through knowledge and concepts which stem from the texts we are reading and the children are encouraged to use their curiosity as a stimulus for observations, investigations and analysis.  Opportunities are provided for pupils to test and challenge ideas through experimentation and to record their findings accurately to allow effective analysis of data.

Key Stage 1 Overview

  • Experience and observe phenomena, looking more closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world around them.
  • Develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of scientific enquiry to answer their own questions.
  • Use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out and communicate their ideas to a range of audiences in a variety of ways.

Year 2 exploring how materials changed when heated or cooled

Year 2 have been learning about different animals, including their habitats. They were also visited by Teaching Talons.

Key Stage 2 Overview                                                          

  • Develop a deeper understanding of a wide range of scientific ideas
  • Ask their own questions about scientific phenomena; and analysing functions, relationships and interactions more systematically.
  • Encounter more abstract ideas and begin to recognise how these ideas help them to understand and predict how the world operates.
  • Draw conclusions based on their data and observations, use evidence to justify their ideas and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain their findings.

Year 5 separating mixtures of materials

Year 4 were investigating how circuits are made and work. They looked at different circuits and observed why and how different electrical elements work.