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Year 1 - Dukeminster Court in Dunstable Visit

Last half term some of our year one children visited the residents at Dukeminster Court in Dunstable. Mrs Lloyd has been working with staff from Dukeminster to create a number of intergenerational opportunities for children and residents to enjoy each other’s company. There is a great deal of research which suggests that such activities are hugely beneficial to both the children and the elderly.

The children were an absolute delight, they showed many of our values including humour, love and friendship. It was wonderful to see our children interacting in such a kind and gentle way and the residents where certainly very pleased to see them! The children helped their new friends to decorate biscuits and then they enjoyed eating them. Afterwards the children enjoyed a traditional story told by David, one of the residents who used to be a teacher, the children engaged in the story and loved pointing out all of David’s ‘mistakes’ after all, who has ever heard of Little Green Riding Hood! After some nursery rhymes, songs and even a bit of dancing it was time to say goodbye. The children will be visiting each half term and we are looking into other opportunities for intergenerational work.