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Design Technology Progression

Progression in DT Vocabulary

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design and Technology is knowing which mistakes to keep

Intent - what do we teach?

At Chantry Primary Academy, we want to build a Design Technology curriculum which facilitates learning and leads to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We will ensure that Design Technology is an inspiring, fun and practical subject which engages all children. Design Technology has the protentional to develop children’s creativity, decision-making and critical thinking skills, whilst improving communication and listening skills, developing concentration and discipline and improving self-esteem and social skills.

Implementation - how do we teach it?

Design Technology is closely aligned to our book-based curriculum which offers a wealth of opportunities for visual, tactile and sensory experiences that links to understanding the world around us.

The content of the Design Technology curriculum has been organised based on prior knowledge; offering children the opportunity to design, make and evaluate products. Lessons are fun and engaging which in turn aim to spark a love of design and engineering in all pupils.

Design Technology supports learning across multiple areas of the curriculum, following clear and appropriate connections between each academy year, providing children with the opportunity to learn life skills and apply them in real-life and meaningful situations. Each year group will undertake the following topics: construction and mechanics, textile, and food and drink.

Impact - what impact is our teaching having?

Our Design Technology curriculum enables and encourages children to be critical thinkers. The design process teaches children to look at existing designs, analyse and evaluate their effectiveness, whilst considering ways to redesign and rebuild to improve overall success. Children have clear enjoyment and confidence in Design Technology that they can apply to other areas of the curriculum.  

Design Technology


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