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Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 - Anansi the Spider

WOW! Factor: A fun day out at Whipsnade Zoo.

Fantastic Finish: African Drumming in school.

Book: Anansi the Spider. Author: Gerald McDermott.

This unit is introduced with an exciting visit to the zoo where children tour the zoo, find out about habitats and focus on African animals in a camouflage workshop. Back in the classroom they use their first-hand experience and secondary resources to make an animal collage using patterns. The children extended their learning by using maps and globes to locate continents and compare two localities. This unit is concluded with the children taking part in African Drumming, mask making and dancing with their friends which is an amazing experience!

Unit 1 Topic Plan

Autumn 2 - Pumpkin Soup


WOW! Factor: Autumn Walk.

Fantastic Finish: Cooking Day.

Book: Pumpkin Soup. Author: Helen Cooper.

To begin this unit the children have the opportunity to go for an Autumn walk and observe the seasonal changes. We will make vegetable soup and also use our own home grown cress for sandwiches during out parent’s tea party.  We observed the weather and recorded it daily as well as explored seasonal changes.

Unit 2 Topic Plan

Spring 1 - Corduroy


WOW! Factor: Puppet Workshop.

Fantastic Finish: Cinema Experience.

Book: Corduroy. Author: Don Freeman.

This is a History as well as Design Technology led unit full of exciting learning!  The children will make their own puppets from Corduroy.  They will learn to write non-chronological reports in topic and Talk for Writing. We will sort and explore materials in Science.  Teachers shared old toys and children looked at timelines discovering how toys have changed over time.

Unit 3 Topic Plan

Spring 2 - Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm


WOW! Factor: Watching chicks hatch in the classroom.

Fantastic Finish: Tea Party.

Book: Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm. Author: Joy Cowley

This is mainly a Science led unit. The children will get the opportunity to observe life cycles. We are lucky to watch it live as the chicks hatch in our own classroom. Parents will also have the opportunity to share this experience with their children by watching the live broadcast 24/7 from the comfort of their own home on our school website. 

Unit 4 Topic Plan

Summer 1 - The Jolly Postman and Fairy Tales


WOW! Factor: Local Walk.

Fantastic Finish: Fairy Tale Tea Party.

Book: The Jolly Postman and Fairy Tales. Author: Janet and Allen Ahlberg.

During this unit the children will have great fun writing and receiving letters from their friends.  We can investigate our local area using maps and Google Earth.  The children will learn about the journey of a letter and the importance of a post code.  After reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears we will enjoy a day of drama and role play. At the end of the unit the whole year will dress up as their favourite traditional story character.

Unit 5 Topic Plan

Summer 2 - Katie Morag's Island Stories


WOW! Factor: A Scottish Day.

Fantastic Finish: Beach Day.

Book: Katie Morag's Island Stories. Author: Mairi Hedderwick.

These stories are loved by all the children and staff.  This is a history led unit where the children investigate seaside holidays of the past and present. The unit will begin by finding out where Katie Morag lives.  We will look at a map of Great Britain and identify where we live and where Scotland is.  We will explore and design our own tartan patterns, listen to the bagpipes and watch highland dancing.  The children will taste traditional Scottish food and enjoy learning many Scottish phrases. To end this unit we will then seaside to Chantry. There will be changing tents, padding pools, sandpits, rock pools and even our very own ice cream van.  IT WILL BE A DAY TO REMEMBER…

Unit 6 Topic Plan