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Here at Chantry, we believe that mathematics is concerned with the nature of numbers and space, pattern and the relationships between all of these areas. It is a creative activity requiring not only the acquisition of facts and skills, but also understanding gained through exploration and application.

As the children move through the school, they build on their strategies until they reach a point where the children themselves can choose the most efficient strategy to solve the given problem.  The teachers also provide regular opportunities for children to practise counting and the related number facts in order to help them achieve fluency.

Our teaching staff positively encourages children to see and use mathematics as a tool for everyday life and we believe that a broad mathematical education is essential for children’s future learning.  We provide children with a variety of methods and regularly provide them with opportunities to use resources to aid their understanding of mathematical ideas. 

These can include: 



Base 10

Number Lines

Expanded Methods

Chantry is also fortunate enough to be part of the Teacher Research Group run by the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics). A TRG is a group of teachers working collaboratively to improve their practice and to develop the mastery approach when teaching mathematics.

As part of this project, teachers are working with their colleagues and children to develop a structured lesson format that includes: Teaching and Modelling

Activities and tasks - ‘Do it’, ‘Twist it’, Stretch it’

This structure allows children to work together as a class on their fluency skills (Do it). Some children will need further support with this area depending on their individual need. Children will then progress (when ready) to a Twist it activity allowing them to consolidate their learning and apply their work in a new way. Children who are then confident and able to do so will then move to a ‘Stretch it’ activity which will give them the opportunity to work on their reasoning skills.

Mastery is for all of our children and the ‘Do it’ tasks allow pupils to take time to practise key skills before deepening understanding with ‘Twist it’ problems (White Rose Hub materials for example).

 In addition to class based activities, we also take part in the West Area partnership Times table challenge as well as other maths competitions run by local businesses (Explore Learning).  This year we had finalists from key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 times table challenge.  The final for 2017 took place on Wednesday 1st March. We are very proud of how our children both presented themselves and how they really worked hard on these arithmetic style questions.

 Rest assured, we will continue to practise and come back next year!